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ABSTRACT: The core purpose of the research was to examine the effectiveness of adobe Indesign for newspaper page design. The study was anchored on Technological Determinism Theory. A survey research method was adopted while questionnaire was employed to elicit responses from respondents who were purposively selected. Also, the data analyzed using frequency and percentage method while the data were presented with the aid of tables. The study find out that majority of respondents claimed that adobe Indesign have enhanced newspaper page planning and design in this era. The research recommended that Photo journalism and Graphic Arts should be taught separately in higher institution just like many institutions have separated marketing, public relations and advertising to enable students have broad knowledge of what the work is and the challenges ahead of them.

Keywords: Page Design



1.1       Background to the Study

            The business of publishing newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, pamphlets, posters among others have continued to witness improvement in Nigeria and globally since the time of first print press in Calabar by Reverend Hope Waddel in 1846. The improvement has influenced the quality of publications in terms of text and image combination, graphical design, page planning and page design, photo cropping, editing of texts and graphics among other things.

            It is evident that as technology continue to wax stronger every minute so it affect the printing business and who ever not ready to move with the new technology is preparing to be bypassed by the technology and outdated in terms of quality service delivery.

            However, one of the businesses ever dictated by technology is printing and design business of which newspaper and magazine are not exceptional.  The improvement come either as hardware or software or both. For the purpose of this research, efforts will be extensively made on adobe Indesign as it used in newspaper and magazine.

            Wikipedia (2015). Writes that before any type of print media is published, whether it is a magazine, newspaper, or even novel, it is likely the case that adobe Indesign has been used to enhance and clean up the imagery on many if not all of the pages. Magazines use adobe Indesign and many of their tools in order to enhance the imagery and text in their publications. Many Health and Beauty Magazines employ in-house designers to retouch photos of models to enhance their beauty. They add finishing touches to the imagery by using tools that balance color and add drop shadows, among other edits. It is against this backdrop that the research examines the effectiveness of adobe Indesign for newspaper page design.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

            There was a time when newspapers and magazines page planning, design and printing were done using manual, mechanical and less sophistical devices to produce it. However, advancement in technology has improved nearly all human activities without the exception of print media industry.

            Before the advent of computer and software like Indesign, CorelDraw and Photoshop newspaper and magazine industries relied heavily on the use of dummy sheets to plan their pages. Pages need to be printed before proper preview, editing of stories during page planning not easy, cropping of photos and other graphical element happened only in the darkroom, casting headlines with special fonts took time.

          However, computer software such as Indesign, Photoshop and CorelDraw have not only made the design and page planning effective, faster and neat but also offers preview of the pages, easy photo-cropping, editing, using unimaginable fonts that cannot be ordinarily created among others. It is against this backdrop that the research examines the effectiveness of adobe Indesign for newspaper page design.

1.3       Research Questions

  1. How effective is newspapers and magazines page planning and design before adobe Indesign?
  2.   To what extent have adobe Indesign improved newspapers and magazines quality?

1.3   Objectives of the Study

  1. To examine how newspapers and magazines pages are planning and design before adobe Indesign.
  2. To examine the extent at which adobe Indesign have improved newspapers and magazines quality.

1.5       Scope of the study

            The study has been limited to ovation and limited to tell magazine and the Punch newspapers since it is very difficult to study all magazine s and newspapers in Nigeria due to the available time, capital, literature material and other logistics. Therefore, the study will examine the contribution adobe Indesign softwares in enhancing both magazine and newspaper page planning and design. News and current affairs department and production/circulation department are the primary focus departments of this research.

1.6       Significance of the Study     

            It is not an overstatement to say that this research work been a new project will benefit mostly the print industry on the need to embrace fully the use of adobe Indesign. While journalism and mass communication students will also find adobe Indesign very interesting to acquire. It will motivate students of media, mass communication, advertising, public relations etc to learn more about graphics especially adobe Indesign.

1.7       Operational Definition of the terms

Impact: It is synonymous to the functions, role of CorelDraw and Photoshop in newspaper and magazine.

Adobe Indesign: It is a graphics design software use to design newspaper, magazine, billboards among other.

Newspaper: This is a periodical publication contains news, photo, cartoons, advertising, and editorial such as the Punch newspaper.

Magazine: It refers to periodicals usually circulated weekly, monthly, fortnightly; it contains news, features, colour and extensive use of photographs.  

Page Planning: It means how the pages of newspapers and magazines appears or look like i.e how to play text, photographs, cartoons, boxes, lines, advert etc.

Page Design: It is adding an aesthetic quality to magazine and newspaper to make it very attractive.



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