ABSTRACT; The study examined the impact of colour representation in newspaper advertisement using selected people in Osun state as a case study. Colour is one of the most powerful tools available to graphic communicators after picture and text. It is obvious that the use of different colours play a very prominent role in newspaper/magazine and the world of print in general particularly in showing product in the quality it made. The study is anchored on Source Credibility Theory. Findings show that colour helps to draw the attention of readers to some important part of the product, it add an aesthetic quality to advertising copy, it makes copy more readable and it is used in grouping different products features or functions. For the purpose of this work, the research employed the use of cross-sectional survey method alongside the use of the questionnaire to elicit data from the selected respondents who were 120 of which 100 copies were retrieved. Also, the collected data were analysed and interpreted using simple frequency and percentage. It was recommended that newspaper page planner and designer should learn better colour combination to add aesthetic value to the pages and products.

newspaper advertisement

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newspaper advertisement

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Related: colour and newspapers, use of colour combination in newspaper, use of colour in advertisement.


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