The research examined the influence and use of digital camera on the practice of photojournalism using the Punch Newspaper and Tell Magazine as a case study. However, it is obvious that photographs play a very prominent role in magazine, newspaper and the world of print in general as it helps to draw the attention to the readers. However, the development of digital camera in this century has improved and enhanced the job performance of photojournalists which has translated to the quality newspapers and magazine locally and globally. Also, the most obvious difference between digital and film camera is the ongoing cost of having to buy and develop film. Film photographers are more deliberate with their shooting, whereas digital photographers need not worry about making ten versus a hundred exposures. Still, there are some costs involved in digital as well: higher camera prices, memory cards and possibly image editing software. It is confirmed that pictures taken by digital camera reduce photo processing and page planning to a larger extent while virus attack has been attributed as the major challenge facing photojournalists in using digital camera effective as it can corrupt whole of work with little or no remedy. It is therefore recommended that photo journalism should be taught separately in higher institution just like many institutions have separated marketing, public relations and advertising to enable students have broad knowledge of what the work is and the challenges ahead of them.

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