Radio as a member of the media family is an instrument for information dissemination. World over, the radio is known to be a very powerful tool for development. In the developed world, radio has been used for developmental purposes” and that “The radio is the singular medium that is most effective for mass mobilization”. In Nigeria today, we have so many radio stations but most of our rural communities are still under developed. This research therefore, aimed at finding out some other roles which the radio is supposed to play in order to facilitate the development of our rural communities. Since the radio is by no means a small instrument for community development, it is important that the government and other well to do Nigerians should lend a helping hand to the radio stations to help them carry out these roles of their for greater achievement. Critical reviews to related literature were made. Relevant theories were used to gratify the study. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Findings of the study revealed that radio has been acclaimed to be the most effective media for diffusing the scientific knowledge to the masses. In a country like Nigeria, Malaysia and India, where literacy level is low, the choice of communication media is of vital importance. Radio has really served as one of the communication channels in Nigeria that has encouraged target communities to participate in programme activities and replicate skills acquired. Radio should continue to play its role well by encouraging its listening communities especially within Ilesha community land and beyond to keep faith and support to the station. Finally, it is recommended that missed out programmes should be brought back. Listeners do not like interruptions in programmes they term as very entertaining and educative. There should be less interruption by radio presenters so as to improve upon programme quality. News or announcement must be properly edited before they are broadcast.

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