The research examined the Impact of Billboard Advert Campaigns on Cultism among Osun State Polytechnic, students. Cultism’s activities have turn most of the citadel of learning into citadel of violence as many lives and property have lost and damaged. Realizing the havoc which cultism has wrecked on both members and non-members of the academic community, all hands must be on deck to combat the menace. Besides, if the tertiary institutions’ administration would come back to its glorious past as well as prepare the nation for the better future, there is the need to rediscover and teach the people concerned the goals of university education through public relations enlightenment and education. However, critical reviews to related literature were made. Relevant theories were used to gratify the study. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. 150 copies of questionnaires were administered. Data gathered were analyzed using frequency and percentage tables. From the findings of the study, it has been established that the problem of cultism, among others, is a symptom of society, which is embroiled in moral decadence, moral degeneration and where institutionalized and personal violence has become a way of life. Similarly, cultism activities have turned most of the school into citadel of violence as many lives and property have lost and damaged.  Finally, it is therefore imperative on the part of the stakeholders in the university education especially public relations unit to sensitizing and educating students on how to ensure that university community remained peaceful. Other stakeholders (the churches, the mosques, parents, school administrators and the society at large) to fuse effort to eradicate the menace before it destroys the whole educational system. More punishment and sanctions should be implemented on students so as to reduce or cub the menace. Recommendations for Further Studies includes the role of mass media in educating students of higher institution on cultism. Problems and solutions to crisis in higher institution of learning. Appraising the impact of public relations in crisis management in Nigeria citadel of learning.


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