The purpose of writing this project is to evaluate the role of radio as a means of propagating Nigerian culture.

Radio plays an important role on the Nigeria culture compared to all other media of mass communication. This is because of the incomparable characteristics it posses compared to all other media like Television, Magazines and Newspaper.

Radio is more portable, cheaper and has the widest coverage compared to all other media. It is the most common among the literates and illiterates in the society, as a result of its simplicity in language, and ability to communicate in various languages in society like Nigeria. Radio programmes come in Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, and all forms of local languages.

Radio messages are called symbolic forms (words) and parceled for the trip. This trip could take the form of writing of words on paper or sending sounds and images through the transmitter, there are times to move the information across a given space, in this process “Noise may occur.

The people decode the symbolic forms and asses the damage produced by the noise in the channel and match the meaning in the message against their understanding of the word in order to comprehend the meaning intended by the journalists.

Any communication media that does not connect and resonate with real life experiences builds incredibility for everyone who has access to such communication medium.

A listeners bring more information to the communication events than a journalist can put into his message. The broadcaster must know the kind of information and experience stored in his audience.

The broadcast Journalist must remember that the message is not the starting point of communication but the final product arrived at. The people want to know what is happening to them and their world. The people are aware that many things are happening and need a correct picture of the situation. It is also the duty of the journalist to give light to the unclear circumstances that always surround the activities of our rulers.

Radio is regarded as the most popular medium of mass communication in the world today. It is a universal medium. For cultural transmission, Television broadcasting with its colour and visual accompaniment cannot abolish Radio popularity.

In fact, Radio can be regarded as the “father of Mass Communication” because of its inherent ability to get to the grassroots and the interior parts of a country.

Radio can be used either as a national medium or regional medium depending on the country. For example in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and India where there are many language, the radio operates as local or regional stations for the purpose of dissemination of information, entertainment and advertising. In smaller nations, radio can be used as national medium. In Nigeria, the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) has a national network system for news, entertainment and advertising.

Radio is very powerful medium of communication; Radio messages can be translated into local languages and dialect Radio set are relatively cheap and affordable even in rural areas. Radio messages can be heard anywhere because radio transistors can be taken to any place.

Radio is put in various vehicles so that people can get the messages as they embarked on journey.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The packaging of this research work is necessitated by the need to ascertain the level of role of radio as a means of propagating Nigerian culture.

Whether radio plays any role in the transmission of cultural heritage or otherwise is the problem which this study is intending to ascertain.


1.3    Research Questions

v  Has Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria fulfilled the objectives of promoting Nigerian’s culture?

v  Does Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria sensitizes and educates the general public on culture?

v  In what way has FRCN impacted on Nigerians?

v  Does FRCN able to preserve Nigeria culture?


1.4    Objectives of the Study.

This study has been able to design some research questions towards findings solutions to the problem of this research work. These research questions can be enumerated thus:

v  To examine whether federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria has fulfilled the objectives of promoting Nigerian’s culture.

v  To examine how federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria sensitize and educate the general public on culture.

v  To examine the impact of FRCN on Nigerians.

v  To know how FRCN has been able to preserve Nigeria culture.


1.5 Significance of the Study

This study is very significant because it is one of the ways of exposing people to the roles played by the radio as a means of propagating Nigerian culture. It will also look at or bring to our knowledge the causes of this trend on Nigerians and give a lasting solution to it.

Media House: Mass media organization will benefit from this work; it will enable them to pay more attention to cultural preservation and promoting programmes being one of the agents of socialization.

Citizen: Nigerian will through this study know the benefit of mass media in the area of socialization and teach their children what and when to watch television.

Government: Government at all levels will benefit from this study especially by partner with community media to showcase and boost the cultural values of the society.


1.6 Scope of the Study

This project will cover the characteristics of Radio as means of propagating Nigerian culture, Radio listeners cut across every age and sex of the society. Radio appeals to adults and children, men and women. Unlike in the press where enquiries can easily be attracted.           Radio commercials find it difficult to attract enquires, Osun State would be considered while administering the questionnaire. Therefore, this study will cover significant location that will present unbiased answer or solution to the problem of this study.

Relevant books, encyclopedia, journals and other relevant materials would also be consulted.

1.7    Limitation of the Study.

The drawbacks in the course of carrying out this study, that could limit the general applicability of the research , these hindrances includes fund, time and other human material resources.

Also the report would be limited to Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) but other similar organization may find it useful.

Material: At the time of gathering materials for this study there was relatively little material.

Finance: There is no much found to travel to my case study which is Ilesha as many possible as I feel.

Time: Available time for this study is relatively short compare to the task while other academic activities also coincide to with the period of the project.


1.8 Definition of Terms

Mass Media:- Is described as a means of communication that operates on a large scale, reaching and involving virtually everyone in a society to a greater or lesser degree.

Audio: Sound produced mechanically by the radio.

Bulletin– last minute’s news.

Console- it is an electrical device used in producing sound.

Channel- The high level audio channel which fit the programmes line and recorded input.

Monitor:– To listen to programme.

Radio: It is one of the best media of Mass Communication because it cuts across literacy and through the public air waves it can reach a large heterogeneous audience.

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