Social responsibility is one of the philosophies of management and public relations functions expected of any company who wish to survey in his hosting community. It implies that the company sees the community where it producing has its own by assisting and supporting where necessary so that the community will know that the company shares their problems. The research therefore examines multi-national companies and their social responsibilities in their host communities with a focus on Shell Company in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. The research is anchored on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) theory which has the classical view and the socioeconomic view. Survey research method was used with 232 sample size. The main data collection instruments used were questionnaire and personal interview. Findings show that there is a relationship between the success of the business and its social responsibility. It is recommended that Shell company should understand that in developing their host community they are also striving for their own development hence they should endeavor in building of training centers, training programmed could be carried out for their workers and other person’s special indigenes. Apart from building roads and electrifying the community which the company has already carried at. It is recommended that shell should look into the provision of the social services such as the building of post offices and telephone services so as to increase the level of communication and thus link the outside world.


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