There are legal and social problems that have continued to restrain the Nigerian journalists from adequate and effective news reporting. These laws are meant to dictate to journalists what they should and should not publish. Whether in a military or a civilian government, these laws are always there to serve the objectives of the powers that be and to browbeat the press. It is this perception that the research examines the level of awareness of the Freedom of Information Act among journalists in Osun State since it was accented by the Former President Goodluck Jonathan administration. The research is anchored on the Libertarian and Democratic Participant Theory.  For the purpose of this study, survey research method was adopted while questionnaires were distributed to 120 selected respondents within Osun State Newspaper Correspondents Osogbo, to know how free is press under 1999 Constitution as amended using probability sampling technique (simple random method). The data collected were analysed using Descriptive Statistics i.e frequency and percentage method. Findings show that journalists can now perform their duties more effectively than before with the passage of the New Freedom of Information, although many journalists see no different in the way they operate especially those who are working in the government media. 

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