Journalism is the collection, preparation and distribution of news and related commentaries and feature materials through such media as magazines, radio, television, the internet Ewuola, (2002).

            Journalism is saddled with the responsibility of finding facts, writing news, editing news and other editorial materials that are worthy of public interest for presentation. Journalists work in a radio, television, newspaper, magazine and online news e. t. c. 

In our society today, it has been observed that there is gender disparity in all quarters, mass media is not an exception and of all aspects of journalism, few female reporters are being heard in sport desk. It is generally estimated that the percentage of women in the journalism profession in Nigeria is exceptionally low while those in sport is very low.

            Sports was originally a recreational activity, but with the introduction of financial and material benefits and an attendant honour to it, the number of participants, the number of events and the struggle for victory have introduced high level politics into it. Joseph, O. W. (2000:87)

Consequent upon the expected rewards, fraud, irregularities and injustices have overshadowed the system. However, a lot of people and groups are now interested in knowing about sporting events. Fixtures, dates, time and place of such events become matters of interest. They equally raise a question about past ones and even the plans for the future.

             Thus, information and mass awareness become primary in solving this quest for information and knowledge. A special unit or field in the world of journalism takes it upon itself to report sporting events to the public.

            The effects of these reports both in shaping the behaviour of the public and management of sports in general demand specialization and skills in sports reporting.

            According to Josoph O. W (2000) establishes that sport was a recreational phenomenon till the early 1930’s when the first world sports fiesta was held. The processes of selection among different nations led to stronger and more competitive sports among nations and continents. Thus, competitive sports serve as an integrating force, and source of socio-political relationships. As an incentive and motivation to individuals and nations contending to the throne, financial benefits, international honours, merit awards were introduced. Sports bodies such as FIFA, IOC, CAF and NFA were established and employment opportunities created.

             The sports reporters gather, process, interpret and broadcast relevant news items needed by interested fans. This responsibility puts them on the move all the time, hunting for facts that will be of immense value to the sport public.





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