What you need to know about project writing

What you need to know about project writing

Meaning of research writing

Why project writing?

Project or conducting research otherwise called thesis, dissertation is one of the challenging period  for final year students in most tertiary institutions ranging from ND, NCE, HND, Degree, PGD, MA/MSC and even at PhD Level.

Despite all the challenges; it is a must for students at all levels to complete his or her research project at a stipulated time usually within a year or two and failure to meet me up prevent students from graduating irrespective of the Grade in other subjects.

Project writing is one of the key requirements for the award of any certificate in tertiary institutions and is not taken for granted in many higher institutions of learning particularly for the award of National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), First Degree, Masters and at PhD level.

  • It will also help students in solving problems in their work place and in their community.
  • Improving writing is crucial to learning in all subject areas, not just English.
  • Reading and writing are reinforcing literacy skills and need to be taught together.
  • Learning to write requires frequent, supportive practice.



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