List of some private Television stations in Nigeria

List of some private Television  stations in Nigeria

For those who think that only the government Television stations are the dominating audio visual station in Nigeria, whereas the list keeps increasing and that’s why I cannot say that these are the available television stations that are owned by private bodies. Here are some of the private Television (TV) stations in Nigeria:

  1. Galaxy TV: Definitely, you will find this TV Station in Oyo State and Lagos State respectively. It is a privately owned TV Station established in the year 1994. Their unique maxim goes thus – ‘Reaching out for the Stars’.
  2. Channels TV: This Television Station is based in FCT Abuja,Edo State, Kano State and Lagos State. Also, it is a private station owned by Momoh John and established in the year 1995. Their maxim says thus – ‘Upholding your right to know’.
  3. AIT Station: This is a very popular TV Station situated in FCT Abuja, Borno State, Ondo State, Edo state, Gombe State, Kebbi State, Katsins State, Jigawa State, Kano State, Lagos State, among many other numerous locations within Nigeria Nationwide. Like others in this category too, it is a privately-owned TV Station established and managed by Dokpesi Raymond in the year 1994. The Station’s Slogan is ‘Sharing the African Experience’.
  4. Silverbird Television (TV): Situated in FCT Abuja, Rivers State, Lagos State and many others. It is owned privately by Ben Bruce who gave it life in the year 2003. Their slogan goes thus – ‘It’s all about Entertainment’.
  5. MITV: This TV Station is located in Lagos State. It is a Private TV Station owned by Alhaji Busare Gbade Murhi who founded it in the year 1998. Their Maxim says – ‘The Soul of Entertainment’.
  6. TVC: Notably, TVC operates in Lagos State and is privately owned by Alake Dele who established the station in the year 2002. Their unique maxim is ‘Your link to Entertainment’.
  7. TVC News: Also, this Station is situated in Lagos State and is solely owned by Alake Dele who founded it in the year 2002. Their Maxim reads thus – ‘Through African Eyes’.
  8. Super Screen TV: This TV Station is located in Lagos State. It is a private TV Station owned by Kayode Otu Otunba. The Station’s maxim reads ‘SuperScreen for culture, for family’.
  9. MBI – Minaj Broadcast International: MBI is situated in Lagos State and privately owned by Onwuanibe Ubaka. Their Maxim reads ‘Simply the Best’.
  10. ITV: This TV Station is located in Edo State. It is privately owned by Igbinedion Osawaru Gabriel who set it up in the year 1997. Their sweet maxim reads thus – ‘Certainly The Best’.
  11. COOL-TV: This TV Station is situated in Lagos State and owned privately by Mousalli Amin who established it in the year 2012. Their Maxim goes thus – ‘TV for Everyone’.

Honestly, I many Nigerians will find this article useful and that‘s why I put them up. I appreciate you for reading.





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