Government Television (TV) Stations in Nigeria

List of all Government Television (TV) Stations in Nigeria are as follows:

  • Nigerian Television Authority (NTA): All the states here in Nigeria have on the minimum one branch of the NTA TV Station. It is solely owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and was instituted in the year 1977.
  • Lagos Television (LTV): This station is situated in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is owned by the Lagos State Government and was founded in the year 1980.
  • Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS): Delta State is the location of this TV Station. It was founded in the year 1994 by the State Government who also owns it. Favouritely, the masses know it as ‘The Voice of Delta’.
  • OGTV- Ogun State Television: This television station is located in Ogun State, owned by the Ogun State Government who established it in the year 2003.
  • AKBC – Akwa-Ibom State Broadcasting Corporation: It is located in Akwa-Ibom State, owned by the Akwa-Ibom State Government and founded in the year 1996.
  • ABS – Anambra Broadcasting Service: This noble Television Station is located in Anambra Stateunder the full ownership and control of the Anambra State Government who founded it in the year 1994.



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