INFLUENCE OF DIGITIZATION ON BROADCAST MEDIA (A case study of African Independent Television (AIT).


This research examined the influence of digitization on broadcasting media using a case study of African Independent Television (AIT). The study was anchored on Diffusion and Technological Determinism Theory and Uses and Gratifications Theory. The research used survey method to elicit responses from the respondents who are staff and management of AIT Lagos and 100 respondents were drawn from AIT using simple random sampling technique. The primary data collection instrument was questionnaire while the data collected were analyzed using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that one of the hallmarks of digitization of broadcasting media is access to multiple channels by audience. It is of note that before the advent of digitization majority of the people can only access between 1-2 channels but now with the help of DSTV, StarTime, GOTV and others more than 70 channels both local and foreign channel can be accessed even in the remote locations  through either a dish or indoor decoder. Similarly, subscription fee, epileptic power supply and other factors are challenges facing digitization among the people. The question now is; when will Nigerian broadcasting media move total from analogue to digital transmission. It is recommended that government and other stakeholders should ensure that the problems associated with digitization should be properly handled while StarTimes and Gotv are operating digital television in a few cities of Nigeria, should expand its tentacles to cover all the major cities of the country.


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