The research examines the impact of deregulation of broadcasting media on the people of Boripe Local government area of Osun state. With the privatization and deregulation of the broadcast industry in Nigeria by the then Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida regime in 1992 in order to allow private participation in broadcast media which was dominated, control and exclusively for government several progress and improvement have taken place since then especially with more proliferation and digitization of broadcast media. Survey research method was adopted and questionnaires were administered to the selected respondents residing in Boripe local government area of Osun State. Findings have shown that the main gains of deregulation are multiple access to broadcast channels by Nigerians, high level of watchdog on government and more objectives information about government that public media cannot taunt. It is recommended that for the broadcast industry to strive well and contribute meaningfully to national development, a government must not unnecessarily interfere with its operations with all necessary supports be given. In other words, all attempts to officially censor or gag the media must be discouraged.




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