1.0 Introduction

1.1 Backgrounds to the Study

Television has become a significant social phenomenon in Nigeria and all over the world. Television viewing is generally believed to generate social force of undeniable influence. It is assume to be the most popular entertainment mass media for children and women. It is this selection of daily programmes, which gets full attention of the viewers. One might says, whatever impacts television is able to inculcate, it is because of various plays, films and musical shows e.t.c. which are telecasted everyday, (Zubari, 1992).

There is lot of television programmes designed for viewing pleasure of their target audience. Some are tailored towards children, women, adult and many more. This could carry different title such as family health. You and the law, today’s women, children arena, political talk, musical, T.V drama, cartoons, let’s go farming and many more.

However, for the purpose of the research, attention will be on the effect of television cartoon network on the aggressive behaviour of school going children.

A cartoon is any of several forms of art with varied meanings that evolved from one to another.

Cartoon network is a main source of entertainment for children. Children keenly observe what cartoon is on air on cartoon network. Because of this channel, we can see barren play grounds, children sloppy attitude towards studies. They have no time for the healthy activities.

Children watch cartoons which are understandable in terms of language. Nigeria children therefore prefer to watch English version cartoons because English language has been adopted as a linguafranca. When children see cartoons in easy and understandable language, they enjoy more and are involved more.

Elementary school age (ages six to eleven) is considered a critical period for understanding the effects of television on aggression. At this stage, children develop the attention span and cognitive ability to follow continuous plots and recognize motivations and consequences to characters actions. At this age children’s learning ability is faster than adults (cited at: www. Media. Awareness. com).

A number of early studies revealed negative relationship between amount of viewing and measures of their mental ability or aptitude, Schramn et al .(1961)found that students with “ high mental ability” watched more television than these with low mental ability, until ages 10-14: at this point, the low mental students begin watching less and less.

 1.2    Statement of Research Problem

v     Children tend to behave base on what they watch on television.

v      Poor media law to determine what children are too watched.

v     Watching violence cartoon on television do stick to the psyche of children.

v     Parent and guidance lack knowledge of the implication of watching violence cartoon on their children attitude.

In their research work focus will be made on effect of T.V cartoon network on the aggressive behaviour of school going children.

 1.3 Research Question/Hypothesis

1.       To extent does children preferred watching cartoon film to other programmes?

2.       To what extent do children spend their time watching cartoon?

3.       To what extent do children imitate or copy cartoon characters?

4.       To what extent do cartoon programmes affect children educationally?

5.       To what extent do watching of cartoon programmes influence behavioral change of children?

6.       To what extent do cartoon programmes televise violence cartoons?

1.4. Purpose of the Study

1.       To show how television cartoon network increase children aggressive   behaviour.

2.       To let the parent and guidance aware of the implication in watching aggressive cartoon on their children.

3.       To know how children feel during and after watching cartoon network

4.       To examine how watching cartoon have affected children education.

5.       To study the gender (male or female) mostly influence by the cartoon character and dress.

 1.5 Significance of the Study

The research is significance in decent that, the research will help to find the remote influence of the T.V cartoon on children aggressiveness. It will as well enable parents and guidance to determine their children exposure to cartoon network.

 1.6 limitation/scope of the study

The study is limited to in scope to the effect of T.V cartoon network on the aggressive behaviour of school going children. Since it is difficult it to study the entire nursery and primary school children in Nigeria, Empaa nursery and primary school, Ejigbo is the focus of this research work.

There is no gain saying in the fact that research work like this can be written without some hindrances that include but not limited to this following.

  1. Time is another hindrance as there is just limited time to complete the research work.
  2. There is also a financial constrain in carrying out this research work.
  3. There is a little literature available under the topic to consult.

1.7 Operational Definitions of Terms

Effect: it means the impact or contributions or implication.

Television: this is the major mass media using audio visual to converge message to a wider audience.

Cartoon: this is a graphical illustration using animate image to present information usually in newspapers.

Aggressive behaviour: This is synonymous to violence attitude among the school going children of under age usually between age 5 to 10years.

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